New Age Spa Institute’s unique approach to business focuses on encouraging professionals to grow through empowerment and personal development, all while offering the tools needed to build a thriving, sustainable business.

We’re all on the quest to better prosperity and, in some cases, the line between a business’s success and failure can be unpredictable. And as 2020 has shown: unprecedented. We would like to share suggestions for how to strengthen your personal brand so you’re ready for anything. Come what may, the following tips are meant to help beauty and wellness professionals grow and sustain their business.

  1. Build Connection Through Branding! Whether you’re a small business owner or branched your career into other facets of the beauty and wellness industry, your brand is a promise to your clients. Branding helps deliver this promise by creating connections with current and prospective clients. Your message, mission, brand promise, and brand voice are collectively the foundation you build your social media platforms upon. If you want your business to be successful, your brand must change and evolve as you grow personally and professionally. New Age Spa Institute suggests revisiting and checking in with your overall brand every year or so. Fresh visuals or even a mini brand makeover can ensure you’re still aligned with your brand values and mission.
  2. Establish your numbers! Understanding your business’ numbers like ROI (return on income) and social media insight like ROE (return on engagement) is not only important, but it’s essential. Review your monthly revenue and profit, in addition to your expenses. Evaluate your expenses and strategize methods to cut down on this number to invest in your KPI (key performance indicators).
  3. Form a solid financial plan: If it’s not measured, it’s not accomplished! Begin planning ahead for your future by planning and saving money. Strategizing a plan of action is essential for savings. Start to plan ahead for your future by creating a plan of action to save money month to month or even week to week. New Age Spa Institute suggests setting aside separate savings accounts for different business ventures. This will allow you to actualize goals for things that may seem unattainable at first. Invest small amounts into each account every month or week (5-10% is recommended). But most importantly, set goals that fit you best right now and GET STARTED!
  4. Dare to venture out of your comfort zone! Challenge yourself to take risks and do things that scare you. Do things that people might tell you are impossible. Fear can keep you from achieving all your goals. It’s okay to be scared: Just do it anyway. Apply for that dream job, open your business, push yourself to reinvent your brand. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.
  5. When it comes to education: Never stop! Always stay on top of advances in techniques and marketing. New techniques and trends nurture the growth of your expertise and business. If you’re offering the same services you did 5 years ago, then your business is not growing. It’s so important to stay current and that means Research, review, and update! Also, any treatment you receive can be tax-deductible for your business. So make sure to receive new trendy treatments so you can be aware of beauty innovations and stay at the forefront of the aesthetics industry.
  6. No Dry Advertising: Network, Promote, & Share! The cons of dry advertising far outweigh the pros. Dry advertising is marketing done without a particular focus on clients’ wants and needs. Building a successful career and business requires providing your clients with multiple channels to engage with you. Consider starting off with building your business on one social media platform. If you try to use 10 or 12 platforms, you’ll spread yourself too thin and won’t give the attention that each individual platform deserves.
  7. Belong and network within a community! There’s strength in numbers finding a community that encourages your passion and growth plays a huge factor in your success. Finding a mentor to help you understand your short-term and long-term goals helps you establish effective behaviors. An objective perspective can allow you to see “blind spots” in your business plan and brand.


At New Age Spa Institute, we provide vital tools that help our students expand their career options in esthetics, massage therapy, professional makeup artistry, and nail technology. We highlight our students’ education with keys to success in business and branding. Our mission engages New Age Spa Institute and its students in business partnerships and networking with Biolelements, Inglot Cosmetics, and Coterie Fresh ‘N Clear to name a few.