Many students work while they’re in school, and there is no shortage of jobs you can have while working on a professional makeup certification. You don’t have to settle for just any job while in school, though. Here are five creative jobs that you can do while earning your certification and that utilize the skills you’re learning.

1. Write Blog Posts About Makeup

If you’re an accomplished writer, many companies have a need for online content — and you can may be able to find some companies that need blog posts about makeup or other cosmetic topics. Alternatively, you can start your own blog and try to monetize it through ads or affiliate links.

Even if writing blog posts doesn’t make you a millionaire, this type of work has multiple benefits while you’re in school:

  • You can schedule writing time around your classes
  • You get to review what you’re learning in school while writing
  • You can use any bylined work to market yourself once you graduate

Given the flexibility and other benefits, you might even decide to keep writing as a side gig after landing a permanent job once you graduate.

2. Work for a Local Spa

To gain some insight into the industry you’ll be working in, apply for a job at a local spa. You probably won’t be hired as a beautician until you have your certification, but you don’t need to be doing makeup work to learn about the job. Even working at the front desk at a spa will give you experience that will be valuable later on.

When you interview for jobs after school, you can use your time working for a spa as proof that you’re familiar with the industry. You won’t only have formal training, but you’ll also have personal experience interacting with clients and working with others in the field. This firsthand experience will help you stand out from other fresh graduates.

Additionally, you may learn a few insider tips from veteran beauticians while you’re at a spa. Develop relationships with the other staff, and ask them about their experience with different clients. They’ll have stories to share, and many coworkers will be happy to tell you how to best handle situations like what they’ve been through.

3. Sell Beauty Products

When you’re enrolled in a professional makeup certification program, you’re perfectly positioned to sell beauty products directly to consumers. You know what products work well and which ones are better to avoid, and you can show customers exactly how the various products should be used.

At-home parties are the perfect setting to showcase products and share your expertise, and many at-home parties occur in the evenings or on the weekends — when classes aren’t normally in session. Also, some of your beauty product customers may turn into clients after you earn your certification.

4. Do Makeup for Events

To make good money in a short amount of time, begin offering makeup services for events.

Even if you can’t charge at much as an established professional, you can still get started in this kind of work and earn some decent income. The average cost of wedding makeup is $100 for traditionally applied products, and prom makeup runs between $100 and $150. If you were to charge half of these rates, you’d still earn a fair amount in a weekend.

When first starting out as a wedding and prom makeup artist, finding clients might be challenging. You can jumpstart this process by partnering with an established hairdresser. Ask them to offer your services as an add-on package, and give them a portion of what you charge.

If you’re ready to enroll in a professional makeup artist certification program, contact New Age Spa Institute.