The secret to an effortless and flawless cover-up is knowing the right texture concealer for problematic areas. Every makeup wearer’s ideal is a non-cakey concealer with minimal creasing. A majority of us have areas that we like to hide or underplay like discoloration under the eyes, stubborn acne scars, freckles, and even tattoos that you may not want to showcase at work or a special occasion.  The Art Institute of Makeup’s top three choices for concealing is all by Inglot Cosmetics. These three concealer textures are exactly what we’re looking for when coverage is the goal. Keep in mind that the texture and weight of concealers vary.

  • Let’s start off with the best choice for tattoo cover-up and severe darkness under the eyes: Inglot’s All Cover Concealer.  Apart from its main role as an under-eye concealer, All Cover can be used as a multitasking product with a creamy formula that covers imperfections with minimal effort. Don’t forget to use All Cover as a contouring tool with strong coverage. All Cover’s formula is water-resistant which makes it long-lasting and able to work amazingly well in multiple conditions like the gym and hot/humid climatic conditions.


  • The second go-to recommended by the Art Institute of Makeup is ideal for anyone with an oily skin type. Inglot’s Cream Concealer is a creamy transfer-resistant concealer that blends perfectly without clogging pores. This product has superior mattifying agents ensuring a long-lasting matte finish. Cream Concealer leaves skin protected with a smooth texture elevating your makeup products and skills. An added bonus of this particular formula is that it’s available in white, yellow, and green for particular areas that need extra attention. All professional makeup artists need different options for different clients. You can even mix them to show off your custom corrective techniques.


  • And finally a dream-come-true concealer: Inglot’s DUO concealer. The Art Institute of Makeup recommends this 2-in-1 formula with clever double-ended packaging. One end has the concealer and the other end has the highlighter. Use them separately or mix them together for a subtle glow. Its lightweight texture is ideal for under the eyes too. It’s compact and a great travel buddy for makeup on the go. DUO also has a water-resistant formula that makes long-lasting like Inglot’s other concealers. What do water-resistant products mean for you? The answer is minimal creasing around the eyes, fine lines, and wrinkles.

Maximize your coverage skills and master your makeup routine by incorporating these top concealers by Inglot Cosmetics: All Cover, Cream Concealer & DUO Concealer. You’ll love the final results and enjoy your day without worrying about annoying touch-ups. Whatever your issues with concealers in the past, Inglot gives you a variety of options based on what your skin needs. The Art Institute of Makeup believes Inglot Cosmetics is the perfect partner to great skin and revealing your best you to the world.

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