The LARGEST organ of the body? Yes, you guessed it. Skin! Our skin relies on a daily supply of oxygenated blood along with nutrients to stay healthy and young. Each cell of the human body requires this in order to regenerate and sustain the vitality and optimal function of the skin. Healthy skin protects the body from environmental bacteria, viruses, and microscopic substances that can invade the body. This is why keeping your skin healthy should be your daily priority.

A delicate network of blood vessels and capillaries, which make your internal circulatory system, help provide your skin with oxygen-rich blood and nutrients. It also helps eliminate carbon dioxide and other waste products away from your skin, preventing a build-up of toxins. This happens daily. In fact, our skin never stops!

Having healthy circulation ensures that your skin can play its part in detoxification, healthy cell rejuvenation, and protection against pathogenic invaders. But what if your circulatory system isn’t working properly? What if your body doesn’t supply your skin with what it needs for healthy rejuvenation? What can you do to help your circulation if it isn’t operating at 100%? And how does this affect your skin?

Meet every Aesthetician’s secret to deep, spa-level cleansing and nourishment: REVIVE Thermal Sonic Brush.  REVIVE is meant to revitalize and give new energy to your skin. Coterie Fresh ’N Clear is a team of expert aestheticians that are dedicated to helping people reach a new level of beauty and confidence. Revive is Coterie Fresh ‘N Clear’s skin wonder designed to be the next revolutionary must-have beauty product.

What makes REVIVE so special? Its advanced technology of minuscule vibrations deep cleans pores without irritation and it’s made out of skin-friendly silicone. What truly makes REVIVE rise above the rest is its Thermal Action! This is the WOW factor that leaves a smile on your face. The warmth of the thermal action & silicone bristles soften the skin which allows more dirt, dead cells, and congestion to be expelled during your daily cleansing. This heat takes your skin on a journey to an even deeper level of renewal. It warms up the layer of the skin where capillaries work to supply the skin’s cells with internal nourishment and oxygen-rich blood. When you use REVIVE, the deeper layer of the skin feels its’ gentle warmth which revives capillaries to work overtime!

The result? More nourishment, more oxygen, improved detoxification of the skin, no irritations. This means smoother skin, fewer breakouts, and more glow.

Help your skin support you! Use REVIVE Thermal Sonic Device daily to support your healthy skin rejuvenation. Your first step to your BEST SKIN starts with REVIVE.