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If joining ranks of top makeup artists has always been a dream, don’t stop dreaming with the basic fundamentals of makeup artistry.  Supercharge your skills in our advanced certification courses available which will provide you with the competitive edge instruction to propel your professional makeup artistry career.

This program covers:

Artistry tips and tricks

Ever wonder how pro makeup artists make every makeup application look effortless; this class will teach you the tips and tricks just like the pros.

  • Current trends in the beauty industry
  • Tips and tools that will help with foundation applications
  • The right tools for building loose pigments
  • Choosing the perfect shade nude or red
  • Tips for applying eye, blush, and lips that go beyond your makeup fundamentals

Sculpting the face

Once the complexion is perfected, it is important to add framing elements to the face to create balance and structure.  This class will take your clients from flat to fabulous.

  • Contour and highlighting using different mediums working with basic and extreme techniques
  • Learn how to recognize and enhance face shapes and bone structure
  • How to create facial balance and symmetry
  • Learn how to build color in the face with proper blush or bronzer selection

Digital Beauty + Social Media for Makeup Artists 

Mastering social media is a must for any professional makeup artists looking to book jobs and get their work out into the world.  This class will help you develop the digital and visual tools to market yourself as a makeup professional.

  • How to optimize your images
  • How to create essential digital beauty looks
  • Selfie Skills
  • Introduction to filters and retouching
  • Marketing on social media

Makeup for Black and White Photography 

Black and white photography is not only beautiful but timeless.  They are a great choice for engagement photos, senior pictures or even family portraits.

  • Application guidelines and techniques
  • Photography lighting and how it affects your makeup
  • Proper angles for the best image

Aging Beautifully

As time goes by not everything can be fixed with plastic surgery, fillers or injectables; your clients will still need proper makeup techniques to enhance their appearance.

  • Contouring and highlighting to accentuate the most youthful features
  • How to minimize the appearance of wrinkles
  • Lift drooping eyes and sagging lids
  • Perfecting lips, liner and brows for mature women
  • Proper color choices and application

Creative and Fantasy Looks 

Creativity fuels the senses and this class is designed to inspire.  From current trends in makeup to fantasy looks, this makeup class will let the makeup artist’s imagination run wild.

  • Past, present and futuristic looks
  • Fantasy techniques
  • Create a no eyebrow look
  • Learn how to create texture on the skin
  • Introduction to the difference between editorial and fantasy looks
  • How to choose the proper design or proper look



Prerequisite:  Basic Makeup Certification and Experience is required. This is an advanced makeup certification program.

The order of the Art Institute of Makeup program modules that each student receives may vary due to instructor scheduling needs. Each student receives the exact same modules and the total amount of training, but the order of some modules may vary for certain groups.