Is there a minimum age requirement for your programs?

We do not have an age requirement however, we do require a high school diploma or Grade Equivalent Degree (GED) for enrollment.

What are the requirements for enrollment?

We require a high school diploma or college degree, or a Grade Equivalent Degree (GED).
In addition, we will require a valid state issued identification, or a passport.
We also accept International Passports.

Do you provide Financial Aid or Payment Plans?

We do not provide or accept Financial Aid at this time. Programs that are eligible for Financial Aid are required to be 500-hours or more.  We do, however, offer convenient payment plans to assist with enrollment.

Do you accept International Students? Is a Visa required?

Yes! We are happy to have students in our classroom from all over the World.
We do not require a Visa for enrollment but do NOT sponsor students for Visa status.

What if I am a beginner to makeup?

Each entry level program we offer is designed to start at a beginner level.  The programs labeled Advanced will require entry-level classes as a prerequisite.
This ensures that each program is accessible to all students, and we also want to ensure each student is taught properly, and we highly instill hygienic practices in each lesson.

What if I am already a makeup artist, and want to learn more techniques?

Great! We would love to have you attend our school as we offer Advanced Classes as well.

Are there any additional products I need to buy?

Everything that you will need for hands-on training will be provided during the class time by the Art Institute of Makeup.

How many students do you allow in each class?

We pride ourselves in offering small class sizes. A maximum of 14 students will ensure you will have specialized attention during the class time.

Who will we work on for our makeup techniques?

During hands-on training, they will be student-to-student participation in the classroom.

Will I receive a diploma at the end of my program?

Yes, we offer an industry recognized diploma after the completion of our 60-hour Professional Makeup Artistry course.

After I graduate, will I be eligible for any makeup discounts? 

Upon graduation, you will receive information with detailed instructions on how to obtain discounts from various makeup brands and websites, up to 40%.

How often do you start a new class?

We start our programs many times throughout the year. Schedules include daytime, evening and weekend classes.  Our schedules are posted and updated frequently on our website.

Still have questions?

We are here to help via email or by phone, please call us at (847) 759 0900.

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