Makeup that Meets Your Needs

Are you trying to be more ecofriendly by switching to reusable coffee cups for your morning commute or bringing your lunch in washable containers? People are becoming more environmentally conscious and so is the beauty industry.

Most people who use makeup use it daily and reapply frequently. As soon as the product runs out, the container gets tossed and added to the pile of garbage already polluting our planet. But now companies such as Inglot Cosmetics are developing products that will make you and the environment happy.

New Age Spa Institute and Inglot Cosmetics know that protecting the environment is important but both also know that one size does not fit all. That is why Inglot has come up with a customizable and refillable makeup pallet that fits every person’s makeup needs.

Inglot offers customers more than 1,500 colors with more than 450 ways to emphasize the lips, 600 ways to enhance eyes, 300 ways to perfect the face and 400 different colors for the nails. With so many different variations, the combination of colors and shades is abundant.

NASI is proud to partner with Inglot and work with the best professional lines in the industry to bring clients and students high-quality makeup options. Next time you need to buy a new eye shadow, blush or lipstick reconsider and try a brand that will be tailored to your taste and will add a few years to Planet Earth.