Have you ever looked at your Makeup Brushes and said, “One day I will clean these brushes!” Wake up everyone because “Dirty Brushes” are not acceptable! If you are a makeup artist or makeup user, it is important to sanitize and clean them after every use.


  • Brush Cleaner is a must have and can be sprayed on a towel to moisten area, then sprayed on brushes as well.
  • Proceed to wipe them on a paper towel or cloth towel using a cross “t” or figure 8 movement, until no color is evident.
  • Spray 70% or higher alcohol on brushes after they are clean without drenching them! Now they are good to go for the next client.


  • Grab the soft soap or shampoo and apply a dab on each brush. Using warm water move brushes in a figure 8 pattern or use a cross “t” motion to remove all product.
  • Remove excess water on a paper towel or cloth towel. Best to leave brushes dry overnight on a counter.
  • When completely dry spray with 70% alcohol and rest assured bacteria and dirt will not thrive!
  • If you are a busy Makeup Artist do this at the end of each day!