Spring has officially sprung and 2021’s season of renewal and rebirth is most definitely hittin’ a little different! Sparked by the glimmer of hope heralded in by the vaccine, there is a palpable wave of forwarding motion in the air. The fashion and beauty industry is absolutely pulsating with it! As we’ve seen in the past decade, nail art continues to evolve and becomes increasingly in demand. Who doesn’t have an IG screenshot of their dream set somewhere buried deep in their phone? It’s undeniable. Nail art has become an important accessory, an intimate expression of one’s personal style, an essential and ever-changing form of personal expression.

Overall, the trends surfacing for Spring and Summer 2021 are reminiscent of the early 2000s painted nail art trends. The 2000’s through the lens of 2021. Let’s take a look at our top five nail trends for the Spring/Summer season:

  1. Pastels:

Pastels for spring are a time-honored tradition. Nothing quite says spring like soft floral pink, buttercream, or soft blue. The trouble often lies in choosing just one! Question is, why should you have to? Have a little happiness at your fingertips with an incredibly adorable and wearable pastel rainbow manicure! Wear it your way; as a gradient, in freestyle abstract rainbow line work, or as a modern take on the French! Anything goes, it’s 2021!!

  1. French:


They say you can’t keep a good one down….and that is certainly true of the classic French manicure. Spring 2021 is bursting with modern and colorful takes on our tried and true. French manicures range from flowing lines, realistic ocean scenes, to geometric and almost deconstructed looks. These breathtaking re-workings of our beloved French manicure are most definitely serving up spring renewal vibes. When creating a French design for a client, allow yourself to think outside of the box. Find inspiration on Instagram or Tiktok. Both are invaluable resources for what is up and coming in beauty.

  1. Hand-painted art:

Animal prints, cherries, strawberries, realistic florals, precious little clouds and stars, smiley faces, dotter daisies, yin and yang, and abstract free-style art are now trending. These designs, mixed and matched are dominating IG feeds everywhere! Kourtney Kardashian recently posted her own adorable cherry


manicure, which- as to be expected, promptly went viral. While many of these designs may seem complicated, they can easily be achieved with the proper brushes, tools, and plenty of practice!

  1. Marbling:


This is one of my absolute favorite current trends! It can be quick, easy, and is always eye-catching. No matter how minimal the marbled design it is bound to stop people in their tracks. It’s also another very wearable option for someone who is looking for a little something but doesn’t want a statement look. It’s an incredibly customizable look, as you can guarantee no one nail could possibly look the same. Technician-friendly designs. There is no right or wrong way to marble!!

Marbling can be done in a variety of ways with minimal supplies needed and is easily one of the most

  1. Long square enhancements:


The revival of the long square nail enhancement is now! You see them everywhere you go, on every form of social media. Long square nails are back! I, for one, am here for it! The way I see it, the longer the nail, the more room for designs. These long beauties are certainly not for the faint of heart! Always remember to consult with your client about their lifestyle, career, and hobbies to determine if this style is a realistic and safe option for them.

Any of the trends above can be mixed and matched together to create a limitless amount of looks that will carry you through from spring queen to hot girl summer. Which nail trend do you want to try first?