Highlighter is on point, your blending is flawless, and your lip color is the perfect pout. Anything missing? Your mask! Masks may not be the best makeup accessory, but during COVID-19, they’re required for the safety of yourself and everyone you come into contact with. Although masks may be an obstacle, you can still achieve a flawless masked makeup look.

Let’s target masked makeup’s main concerns: preventing makeup transfer to your mask, wearing lip color under a mask, and accentuating the eyes and brows above your mask.

When it comes to masked makeup, going back to the basics is essential. That means primer! Face, eyes, and lips all need the perfect base for optimum makeup application. The Art Institute of Makeup loves all of Inglot’s primers.

Inglot’s HD Corrective Primers for the face is one of our favorites. They are the perfect blend of primer and color-correcting concealer. There are so many colors to choose from, like peach, mocha, yellow, pink, and green. If you want a primer that does more than one job and requires less makeup coverage, then the HD corrective primer is your answer. If you’re prone to redness, use yellow or green. If you have fair skin, reach for the pink. Peach for medium-toned skin, or mocha for dark-toned skin. This primer will help prevent makeup transfer to your mask while providing a smooth, even base for foundation or a BB cream.

Have you ever heard of primer for the lips? Well, if you haven’t, lip primers are a game changer! Inglot’s HoldOn Lip Primer has nourishing and binding ingredients like vitamin E, paraffin, and shea butter. Spread HoldOn Lip Primer on your lips before applying your lip color for the ultimate retention of color. After HoldOn Lip Primer and lip liner, another masked makeup tip is to apply lip color with a flat lip brush. Using the lip brush, pat down the color onto your lips. Patting down the color versus sliding the color across your lips pushes the color in so it lasts longer and doesn’t transfer as much to your mask. Try out this tip with Inglot’s Holiday Promises Set’s lip stain in “Secret Nude.” This is the lip color you NEED. It’s silky soft, rich in emollients for delicate skin, and the special pigments provide great coverage while making lips look fuller.

And of course, no masked makeup look would be complete without framing the face with eyes and brows makeup. No eye makeup look is complete without eyeliner. Try out Inglot’s new One Move Liquid Eyeliner. Wow! The tip is so thin, and the pigment is so black. It glides easily on the skin too. Every “eyeliner on point” look needs this liquid magic. If you want more magic, look no further than Inglot’s Make A Wish Eyeshadow Palette & Let’s Sparkle Eyeshadow Palette. If you think you have too many shadow colors already, you don’t have these colors! First of all, their mini palettes are super cute and travel-friendly. The harmony of colors are a perfect blend of warm tones and cold tones with base matte colors and highlight colors. Don’t forget your Inglot’s Eye Shadow Keeper for the best eye primer around.