Introducing the One Move Liquid Eyeliner by the one & only INGLOT. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro-MUA, this eyeliner is a perfect choice.  This deep black eyeliner will give you a clean straight line every time. The applicator is perfect for any liner look. The felt tip is thin & flexible yet highly pigmented. This pen liner will give you full control over any liner shape you desire. In one move, line the inner corners of your eyes for an effortless, perfect cat-eye.



Apply One Move Liquid Eyeliner to create the trending “floating liner” look.  To achieve this desired look, first apply an eyeshadow primer to the base of the lid. Then, instead of drawing the traditional liner close to the upper lash line, draw a line at the crease of your eye. You can even draw just one diagonal line on the corner of the eyes without all the effort of connecting any lines. If you choose to stay with a classic clean cat eye, this eyeliner is foolproof!

The staying power is just as strong as the AMC gel 77, which gives you time to play for hours upon hours. One Move Liquid Eyeliner will be the go-to liner that you reach for again and again. Nothing is more annoying than when your favorite mascara or liner (that you just bought!) dries out. Or how about when a cosmetic claim to be smudge-proof or waterproof, and it definitely is NOT! All of these issues can be eliminated completely by using the absolute best mixing medium of all time. The solution to this problem is INGLOT’s Duraline. It’s exceptional. This magical elixir will hydrate any dried-up mascara, eyeliner, and gel pots. With Duraline in your kit, the possibilities are endless to create new & unique colors by mixing eye shadows together. Plus, the staying power ensures your eye look is all day to night affair.  Not only does this mixing medium create & enhance the longevity of products, but you can also clean up any mess-ups that happen along the way, especially when you are creating a perfect liner look.

The applicator is a dropper that will give you full control of how much of the mixing medium you wish to use. As always, with any good quality product, a little bit goes a long way. Duraline is an essential tool for any beginner or pro-MUA makeup kit. Try it out and see the results for yourself. INGLOT cosmetics are available at The Art Institute of Makeup.