Your Best Brow Self in Masked Makeup

With mask-wearing being the new norm, now more than ever brows are the staple beauty routine that you cannot go without. So frame those eyes and fill in those arches, ladies, and gents.  Wearing & maintaining groomed eyebrows is the cherry on top of a quick, simple beauty routine. It doesn’t matter if you’re headed to a holiday party or the grocery store: Having the best eyebrow products will make certain your eyebrows are always on point!

Creating the perfect eyebrow can be a bit technical but let’s try to keep it simple. Our Professional Makeup Artistry team at The Art Institute of Makeup recommends simple, yet effective holy grail products that create bomb brows every time.

Let’s start off with what you’ll need for your ideal brows: Eyebrow pencil (with spoolie brush applicator on one end), eyebrow powder, and eyebrow gel. With these three eyebrow essentials in place, you are ready to create beautiful eyebrows that frame your beautiful face.

Start by taking the spoolie brush applicator and brushing your brow hairs in gentle upward strokes. At this point, your eyebrows should look cleaner and shapelier. You may see some sparse areas in the front end of your brows or the tail end tip of your brows. Make sure the tip of your eyebrow pencil is sharpened and fill in those sparse areas in upward strokes. The Art Institute of Makeup team’s go-to is Inglot’s eyebrow pencil in 506. This color is ideal for anyone with a neutral undertone and tends to have gray or ashy hair color.

Once you have filled in those sparse hairs with Inglot’s 506 pencil you’ll be able to see a more naturally groomed look to your eyebrows. If you’d like to level up your eyebrows even further, incorporating an eyebrow powder helps make brows look even fuller. Use the eyebrow powder with an angled brush wherever you would prefer more intensity of pigment. The Art Institute of Makeup loves using Inglot’s freedom system eyebrow powder. It has beautiful soft pigmentation that creates fuller brows naturally.

The last step to create an effortless brow is to use a brow gel or also called brow mascara. Our favorite is Inglot’s brow mascara. It’s clear so it’s ideal for anyone and every one no matter their coloring. Use the brow gel/mascara as the final touch to lock in the pencil and powder pigments. This will ensure that your brows will be long-lasting. When using the brow gel/mascara my tip is to clean the brush off with the majority of the product in the tube and then slowly build layers.

Enjoy filling in your brows effortlessly by using an eyebrow pencil to fill in sparse areas, adding depth with an eyebrow powder, and locking it all in place with eyebrow gel/mascara. These three brow essentials are all by Inglot Cosmetics!   Make sure to update your makeup regimen to the mask-wearing norm and make your brows stand out in a good way.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down. You can still have a summer glow by using only 2 products. A beautiful bronzer to create warmth to the skin and a highlighter to create a dewy & luminous complexion.

With the foundation already applied use a bronzer to create warmth and depth to the skin by softly applying bronzer to where the sun would naturally hit your face. Using the AMC bronzing powder with a soft brush under the cheekbones around the temples of the forehead will create warmth and shadowing to the skin.

Now it’s time to create a healthy glow. I always have the soft sparkler face and body powder highlight by Inglot. This is one of the most beautiful delicate highlighting powders I have worked with. Using a fan brush apply this around the highpoint of the cheekbones. To create more of an intense inner glow add Inglot’s during this is a beautiful mixing medium.

So have fun showing off your summer glow when it’s time to be in the snow with only 2 products the AMC bronzing powder that will create warmth and the soft sparkler face and body highlighter. Check them both out when shopping Ingot.