It’s all in the eyes!

Face masks are here and it doesn’t seem like they are going anywhere anytime soon. In regards to makeup, the beauty in this is that there is no need to worry! We no longer need to be concerned about blending out our contour all the way through or perfecting a stand-out pout. Now is the time to get creative and play up those eyes. Whether you’re looking for a clean look or glamming it up just because we are here to share with you our top 3 go-to products from Inglot Cosmetics that will help you make sure that your eyes will always make an entrance.


AMC Gel Eyeliner. Let’s start with our absolute go-to. A must-have in any makeup kit: the AMC gel eyeliner. This high-intensity pigment liner provides the best coverage after just one application. The formula is creamy and dries to perfection so you have no worries about it creasing or flaking after a couple of hours. It comes in several different vibrant colors and is waterproof. The best thing about the AMC gel liner is that it is a vegan formula that glides effortlessly. We love using a stiff gel liner brush to go in between the root of the lashes. The effect will create the illusion that your lashes are lifted and full.

The Promise Mascara. Sometimes there is no need for mascara, but let’s be real our eyes always look better with mascara! If you’re looking for a pick me up the Promise Mascara from Inglot is just the fix. The Promise Mascara will naturally enhance your lashes from the root to the tips. The mascara wand is very unique, at first glance you think that it’s not going to do much because the wand is so thin. However, once applied get ready for longer, lifted-looking lashes! The mascara wand from the Promise Mascara will allow you to control each individual lash and to create a perfect volumized lash look that goes with everything. This water-resistant formula does not flake or smudge. Our favorite thing about the Promise Mascara is that the formula is enriched with vitamin E which helps condition the lashes and prevents them from becoming dry and brittle. This is the perfect mascara for the “no-makeup” makeup look, but also great for a 2 to 3 coats application that will create a false lash look. Our tip for application is to wiggle at the root of the lash and then hold the tip for at least 10 seconds and release outward. Enjoy your long, lifted lashes – just don’t fly away!

Finally, the Freedom System Palette Partylicious 2.0! This product has officially been released and it is by far our favorite! This eyeshadow palette has it all: 10 different shades with a bit of glimmer in each one. Using an eyeshadow primer is going to help with the Partylicious 2.0 to pop more on the eyelid and also ensure that the color will not fade away or crease throughout the day. We like to use a blending eyeshadow brush to create a wash-off color. If you are looking for color intensity, mix the eyeshadow color of your choice with a mixing medium (Hint: Our favorite is Inglot’s Duraline!). This application will create a wet look for the eyeshadow. Use a tightly packed eyeshadow brush or even your own fingers to create depth and intensity. If you are someone who loves to create a halo eye look, which is, for the most part, bright in the center and darker around the inner and outer edge of the eyes then this pallet is a perfect choice for the perfect halo look. Get your fingers dirty and have fun playing with the Freedom System Palette Partylicious 2.0!

To make your eyes glimmer and stand out while still wearing a facial covering then all you need is just those 3 go-to products: Inglot’s AMC Gel Liner to enhance your eyes, the Freedom System Partylicious 2.0 Palette to create the perfect eyeshadow color, and the Promise Mascara to finish off your perfect eye look! Create and enjoy it!