Self-care is vital for building resilience toward those stressors in life that you can’t eliminate. When you’ve taken steps to care for your mind and body, you’ll be better equipped to live your best life during times of uncertainty.

New Age Spa Institute is sending everyone positive vibes and virtual hugs as we encourage you to practice self-care. Stress can have a profound effect on your immune system, so it’s important for both your physical and mental health that you prioritize self-love.

Things that can help you ease the anxiety:

Get enough rest.

While you may be tempted to stay up following the news, it’s more important to let your body rest. Getting adequate sleep will allow your body to perform at its very best and fend off potential viruses.

Keep walking and exercising.

High levels of cortisol, your body’s stress hormone, can cause your immune system to be less effective. Movement can help reduce elevated cortisol levels, as well as trigger the release of endorphins, boosting your overall mood and happiness.  Head outside for a walk, bike ride, run,  or another form of exercise that doesn’t require close contact with others.

Eat well.

It’s easy when stressed to let your diet slide and turn to less nutritious comfort foods. When it comes to managing your anxiety, however, a balanced diet is vital for your health. As we usually recommend, focus on eating fresh, unprocessed, whole foods in order to maintain a strong immune system.

Social distance doesn’t mean social isolation. Practice on-line time with friends and family.

Research shows that quality time with people you care about can boost your happiness level. Enjoy time with those that live in your household and try to still connect with your friends and family through video chat or phone calls. Find opportunities to laugh. Talk about books, podcasts, or even the last show you watched on Netflix.

ReinventSelf-Care, set time aside for yourself
When we get worried, stressed or anxious, we tend to breathe shallowly. Stress can also cause us to tense up. Now is your time to prioritize yourself. Turn on the music that you enjoy, take deep breaths, apply your favorite beauty mask, relax, and unwind.

Enjoy pet therapy.

The therapeutic value of our relationship with our pets is increasingly recognized by researchers. Pet care and self-care are linked. In addition to helping to alleviate stress and anxiety, there are all the benefits that come from having to exercise a dog. Daily walks outdoors boost physical and emotional wellbeing.

Implement a digital detox.

While you want to follow the latest guidance from health authorities, it’s important to strike a balance between staying informed and consuming everything in your newsfeed. If endless scrolling leaves you feeling overwhelmed, it may be time to take a break and unplug. Instead of watching the news, or social media, watch a movie or a show you always wanted to see.